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Survey: Fewer than 4 in 10 Americans could pay a surprise $1,000 bill from savings

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Can you cover $1,000 surprise expenses?

If so, you are among the top 40% already!

If not, you're not alone. You may think these stats are only in America but let me tell you that this is common in most "1st World" countries. Australians are in the exact same financial situation!

It's a scary place to be, living paycheck to paycheck. And I didn't want to live like this for decades of my life and decided to make changes. 

The #1 thing is to start tracking your expenses with the next step to create a budget. And I believe the best way to do this is with my 15-Minute Online Budgeting course.

By telling your money where to go, you will stop having it disappear. Many feel they have gotten a raise just by creating a budget!

It wasn't that long ago that I remember being in the group of people that could NOT pay for a few hundred dollar surprise! YUP, I wasn't even in the top 40% when I got started on my financial journey. Now, I'm in the top 5%. With the goal of being in the top 1% of the US net worth individuals.

The very first time I created a budget, it SUCKED. I was so bad at it. But I stuck with it because I believed that it was the way to get out of the financial situation of paycheck to paycheck. The next budget I created was better, and the next one was pretty good. It took me about 3 months to get good at it. Now, after over 15 years of doing a budget, I consider myself a professional of my own personal budget. 

I'm so proud that I stuck with it because I know I wouldn't be in the great financial position I'm in now without it.

My question for you: do you want the next 15 years to go by continuing to live paycheck to paycheck? OR do you want the next 15 years to go by and you move from the bottom 60% to the top 5%????


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