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Financial Coaching to Help You Become Debt-Free

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How Much Is Living In Debt Costing You?

What is the cost of inaction? 
What is the cost of living paycheck to paycheck
How much interest will you pay on your debts this year?
How is the stress of your financial situation affecting your life and work?
If you're married, how many money fights will eat away at the foundation of your marriage?
What opportunities are you letting pass by because you can’t afford them?

Not getting your finances handled may already be costing you a great deal!

Hi I'm Mike Staunton...

Chances are, I've been right where you are! If you are stressed out, living paycheck to paycheck, piled up a huge amount of debt, OR been so scared about your finances that you can’t get a good night’s sleep, then you've come to the right place.

Over a decade ago I went through this pain and transformation. I was $100,000 in debt and it stressed me out so much that it affected my relationships. This lead me to my mission guiding people just like you to gain control over their money.

I can show you a proven step-by-step plan that have helped numerous people before you to have a great life without giving up all the things you love to spend money on. In just one coaching session at a time, I will guide you to your path to freedom. You can do this!

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Testimonials - read what others are saying:

"Mike was there every step of the way as I was going through some massive transitions in my life and forever grateful for his support, interest, persistence with me, and accountability for me to help me on my path to get to where I want to get to financially and in life. Can't thank his efforts enough - it has radically changed the way I see money and what I want."


"You tested my conventional means of thinking with regards to credit cards, mortgages and spending in general. While we could disagree we understood each other’s stance and perspective. You are very good at being open to the opposing view and discussion that comes with it."


"I was one of those people that lived paycheck to paycheck, sure I was earning a good wage and I could cut back whenever I needed to, but I never realized the importance of focusing on retirement from an early age. Capital Growth was a foreign concept, now I contribute extra to my superannuation and am able to travel the world and take extended holidays without worrying about how I'm going to pay for it! "


"I am forever grateful for the shift that happened in my finances, after Mike's coaching sessions, it blew my mind! The even bigger shift I personally loved most is the 'weight' that we got to lift of this area of my life and how I look at my money now. I feel so empowered that I've got this, instead of my money having me. I'd highly recommend Mike's coaching program to anyone who wants to be in charge of their finances."


You Can Become Debt-Free in 3 easy Steps

Step 1 - Book a Call

On this call we will discuss your current situation, what the things are that you want to accomplish, what obstacles you might face and how I can help you bridge this gap.

Step 2 - Get an Action Plan

Together we will create a specific plan to accomplish your goals

Step 3 - Become Debt-Free

Eliminate financial frustration and sleepless nights. Finally experience financial peace.

How Your Life Could Look

  • Find $8,000 in the next 90 days – see your financial situation improve drastically

  • Freedom of Debt in less than 2 years – finally feel peace of mind

  • Understand your plan for retirement – so you can feel secure about your future

  • Give to charities you love – so you can make the world a better place

Is Financial Coaching Worth It?

You didn't just come to this page by accident. When you do it’s because you are potentially in serious financial trouble. You are looking for someone to help you get in control of your financial situation. Maybe you tried fixing it yourself but it didn’t work out.

Well, you might ask. When I'm broke. How can I afford financial coaching? Is financial coaching even worth it?
Well, it’s true that coaching typically isn’t cheap. The reason being that it’s time-intensive, and you’re paying for the coach’s skill and knowledge to help you escape a bad situation.

But for someone who is in financial trouble. It’s the best investment ever. The financial coach only needs to find a few key things to pay back the investment. In addition, you will save much more than this and will reach your financial goals much faster.

Besides, most people aren’t really poor, they’re just broke. Poor is a state of mind, broke is temporary.

A lot of people however are actually broke. Meaning they are living paycheck to paycheck.

The main reason for this being that they don’t handle money well, and don’t feel like they have enough money left at the end of the month.

Very often people who are broke spent more than they earn. Also, they confuse needs with wants. If they’re truly honest about what they actually need, it’s a lot less.

Therefore, someone can be broke while earning $100,000+ a year.

For example: Let’s say someone spends $200 or more on restaurants every month. This is a very conservative number. Most people spend more. Anyway, multiply this by 12 and you have $2,400 in a year. Financial coaching costs less than that! In addition, they can keep more money, become debt-free, eliminate financial stress, and save their marriage!

Being broke really is a choice!

YOU can do this! If you want to get results, and much faster than you think. It’s always worth having the guidance of an experienced financial coach by your side.

As your coach, I will have a close look at your current situation. We will help you make a bulletproof cash flow plan. We will track where every dollar is going. Find out what you can do to improve. And with a custom-made plan improves your individual financial situation.

You will not only start saving money now. You’re also securing your future and the future of your kids and spouse, generationally. Leading you to not only be able to care for yourself and your family but helping others too. Be able to give to the charities you love and much more.

At the end of the day, taking control of your finances is your choice.

Ready to start the journey? Book a completely free, no-obligation discovery call with me today.

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Introducing the...

I am EXCITED to be bringing you this podcast!!

In this podcast I break down everything I've learned about how I went from being -$100,000 in the hole to becoming a millionaire by 35 years old.

I start with Season 1: Financial Foundations. Continuing to bring you value throughout the seasons, ultimately leading you on how to become a millionaire yourself.