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I went from being $100,000 in DEBT to on my way to becoming a millionaire before I'm 40, while never making a six-figure salary!!!

Meet Mike Staunton

Hi, I'm Mike...

I went to college for an engineering degree and started a full time job as an electrical engineer at 22 years old. Through this part of my journey as an adult, paying my own bills/taxes, buying houses/cars, and saving for retirement, I quickly realized that I didn't learn how to handle money during my schooling years. I was living paycheck to paycheck despite making an above average household income. Sound familiar?

When I first did my net worth calculation in my early 20's I had come to an embarrassing number! I was worth -$100,000, yup.... I was worth less than $0 on paper! I had a big hole to climb out of and truthfully didn't know where to start.

I finally had an 'I've had it' moment and said NEVER AGAIN! Never again am I'm going to be in this situation. Never again am I going to live paycheck to paycheck. Never again am I going to be in debt!


During this time, the universe rewarded me by being gifted a book by a friend that changed my life. It taught me how to handle money wisely and I started paying off debt, doing a monthly cash flow plan, and using cash instead of credit. I slowly started seeing my networth increase.

Through hard work (working 3 jobs at one time), a lot of sacrifice, and selling nearly everything I owned, I was able to become completely debt free in two years.

Once I became debt free in 2012, I was so inspired about the changes I had made that I started sharing these principles with friends and family. I continued this for years until I eventually became a full time financial coach.

Are you ready to set yourself up on a financial plan to change your life? You will gain clarity of your current situation, identify key problem areas, and implement strategic steps to get you in the financial position you want to be in.

Just think, months from now you could be sitting where I am today: debt-free, with a fully funded emergency fund, investing, and starting to build wealth for your families legacy.

Let me show you the quickest and straightest path to Financial Freedom.

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