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How we got paid to live on a multi-million dollar property on Fraser Island?

That's right, we got to live on a multi-million dollar property on Fraser Island for over 7 months of 2021! AND it didn't cost us anything....we actually got paid.

Long story short, we were able to be caretakers of a property that people can rent and had the opportunity to live on Fraser Island for 7.5 months.

We heard the ocean waves 24 hours a day! It was such an adjustment that I woke up the first few nights because I thought there was a torrential downpour of rain! Nope....just the ocean crashing into the beach. There were very few noises during the night from humans, very little light pollution (if any), and the freshest air I have ever breathed in on a daily basis!

How did we get there?

We have been housesitting for friends and family for years before we started traveling full-time in 2017. Then we signed up to a website: (see code below for a discount) to start sitting for strangers. We have now sat for dozens of people around Australia and love the variety it gives us! (I am currently writing this in a new sit, currently in the Gold Coast during the Christmas period for four weeks). Housesitting allows us to move around the country to experience different areas, pets, and homes all while paying $0 in rent.

Through this site, the owners of the property on Fraser Island reached out because of our background and reviews that were left from our past sits. If it weren't for this site, our reviews, and being open to what life throws our way, then we would have never known this was a real opportunity!

This year has really proven that I'm living my ideal life. I trust this motivates you to do the same if you aren't already living yours.


Again, we use and if you sign up you can get $10 off with our referral code: QJFEQV

We recommend signing up as it's only $74/year (with the $10 discount). One night of housesitting will cover the price you would pay for accommodation anywhere else. Even if you don't use it to travel around, it could be a great alternative for a weekend getaway in your current town!

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