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Write your Will today!

Have you ever heard the excuse "if I make a Will & Testament Statement, then it means I will die. So, I don't want to make one so I can keep living."


Let me tell you, you are going to die! 100% of the time, humans pass away. Most of us do not know when or how but it will happen. And when it does, you need to be prepared! This is where having a legal Will comes into play. 

Your Will details such things as where your assets will go, to whom and how much. If you have kids, questions will need to be answered such as who will care for them, will they get money at certain age, or will they get nothing. Whatever you choose it is your choice. It needs to be written down. You do not want your Estate going to the court system to be figured out by someone that has no personal interest in what happens to your money or your kids!

Other questions could be: Does the house you live in need to be sold? Do other investments need to be sold or simply passed on to family members? If you got into an accident and are in a vegetative state, do you want the plug pulled and who decides? Where will you be buried? Do you want to be buried or rather cremated? Do you want to donate your organs?

Don't leave your responsibility to someone else. Get it done and get it done today!

All of the details inside of a Will need to be discussed while you are alive! I can NOT stress this enough. Those involved need to know how they are involved or not involved. There does not need to be arguments between family members after your death because you left someone more money than the other. They are already grieving, don't make it harder than it needs to be. As I've said if there needs to be a discussion about how you distribute your wealth then this needs to be done while you are alive. Boundaries need to be set and that is okay. Know that this is YOUR money, you worked hard for it and you get to do with it what you wish. 

If you just need a basic Will Kit, you can purchase one from your local Post Office, you can even find these online that you can fill in and have a notary sign off that you wrote it. 
If you need a more detailed estate plan, then you most likely already have things in place for a Will. If not, seek out legal council. 

If there was one action step to take today or this week it would be to ensure the last say you have on this earth is in place! Get it done. 



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