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3 Steps to Help Prevent Fraud

Do you know the 3 security steps to take now to help prevent hackers from getting access to your bank accounts?

Majority of banks will monitor your accounts and automatically send email or text alerts when there is "unusual" activity. It is hard to use your card at home and a few hours later use it to buy a train ticket in another country 😨.

I have had my card frozen and even cancelled when I forgot to tell my bank I was going overseas for a holiday. This is #1 of the 3 steps:

#1 - Let your bank know when you are planning to do travel outside of your normal routines (when we are allowed to get on a plane again...). This can be easily completed on your banking app, just enter the countries and dates you plan to be visiting.

#2 - Make sure your contact information (correct email and phone number) is updated so you receive timely notifications and can receive the security verification text or email.

#3 - Turn on unusual card activity alerts that will display right on your phone (via text), even when you're not logged in.


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