Frequently Asked Questions

Financial Coaching is a collaborative, educational relationship that empowers you to achieve your definition of financial freedom. Financial Coaching bridges the gap by providing a powerful, professional partnership designed to create action. A Financial Coach works to educate you, as a client, on the basics of personal finances who need help making budgets, paying down debt, creating a livable financial plan, defining investing/retirement, real estate/mortgages and the emotions around the subject of finances. Through a series of meetings your coach will help you develop a personalized plan tailored to your situation. Financial Coaching is giving you the tools of knowing what to do and actually getting it done. That’s why it works.

No, I work virtually and I come to you through the use of Zoom. Zoom is a web conferencing tool to bring a virtual meeting together in the comfort of your own home. Once you schedule your session, you will receive an email with the link to join our meeting from your computer’s browser. No need to drive remotely to a meeting location unless you live in my area and prefer a one-on-one meeting in person.

You certainly could and chances are you’ve tried. There are millions of books and resources out there with information but that does not mean a person is automatically set up for success. That’s where I come in. I set you up on a plan that is tailored to your specific financial situation and knowledge. We will have a series of meetings to create a financial foundation where I will keep you accountable to build your financial legacy.

After scheduling an appointment, you will receive information about the meeting as well as a questionnaire in order for me to see where you are at in your financial position. Once I receive that information 48 hours before our session, I will spend time reviewing everything, gathering my recommendations, and any changes that I will share during our meeting. This is so that I don’t waste our time together just talking about the numbers. I want to utilize our time and share strategic changes, tackling your top 3 concerns with your money, and devising a plan specific to your needs.

A Financial Coach is not licensed to give specific investment advice, which makes them different from financial advisors or financial planners.

A Financial Coach is not someone who sells investment products such as mutual funds, stocks, retirement accounts, or insurance. We do not give specific investing advice about investing. Financial coaching never provides specific market or securities recommendations.

If you have maxed out the free resources on your own and realized you need additional assistance, have tried a budget but couldn’t stick with it and are still in debt, or read financial magazines and books but don’t know how to put the plans in action, then you’d hire a Financial Coach. But if you have a robust savings, zero debt, and are ready for investing suggestions for your future, then you’d hire a Financial Planner/Advisor. Traditional financial advice from Financial Advisors/Planners are all about the money, not the problems people have associated with money. That’s where I can help! I’m the starting point to get you to a place where you will have the money to build wealth. Most people try getting out of debt and building wealth at the same time, but it doesn’t work.

I am a graduate of the Financial Coach Master Training from Ramsey Solutions. I have over 10,000 hours of learning, reading, listening and absorbing the tools and the knowledge to coach you through your obstacles and set you up for Financial Success. The financial journey I’ve recovered from in my own mistakes is a testament to the fact that I have the expertise necessary to help others advance to a place where they are financially stable and have a clear picture of where they want to be in 6 months, 1 year, or even 10 years.


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