Financial Coaching

 Telling your money where to go never felt so good!

Let me ask you this, can you imagine......

  • Never worrying about another overdraft fee?
  • Checking the mail without fear of bills?
  • Feeling confident and capable in the face of unexpected expenses instead of panicking?
  • Going out to dinner and reading the menu left to right (food then price) instead of right to left (price then food)?
  • Booking a holiday without bringing the payments home with you?
  • Telling your money what to do instead of wondering where it went?
  • Being completely debt-free, including your mortgage?
  • Having peace when it comes to your financial future?
  • Having CONFIDENCE & CERTAINTY when it comes to your money?
  • GIVING to causes and charities that align with your heart?

YES? Keep reading!

Normal is broke

Ever heard the saying, keeping up with the Joneses next door. The problem is that the "Joneses" are no longer just next door, we are constantly seeing them on social media. 

I like to refer to them as the "faux rich". They look good but have NO money! I know this because I was one of those trying to keep up with the Joneses, "faux rich".

By learning how to handle my finances, I changed my life, and you can too! 

Here's how we start...

Book Your Deep Dive Session

It starts with a detailed assessment of your financial situation and we will discuss strategies to address your most urgent needs while instilling lasting habits.

Here are the steps we take for this session:

  1. Calculate your net worth
  2. Analyze your current income and expenses
  3. Create your unique monthly cash flow plan
  4. Design a debt payoff plan that will work the quickest
  5. Identify your goals and objectives to prioritize what’s most important to you
  6. Planting the seed to develop better money decisions

This session includes:

  • 1.5 hour video call
  • Discussion of your Top 3 Money Questions/Concerns
  • Income/Expense Assessment
  • Follow up recap and recommendations email

Schedule Your Deep Dive Session

Your Investment $250

"Is it worth the cost?"

What's the cost of inaction (COI) and continuing to live pay check to pay check?

How much interest will you pay on your debt this year?

How much stress will you feel?

How distracted will you be at work, worrying about your financial situation?

If you're married, how many money fights will eat away at the foundation of your marriage?

When it comes to getting your finances back on track, inaction can be costly. Stop wasting opportunities and start your financial turnaround today.

DISCLAIMER:  We do not offer investment advice, financial planning, nor a Debt Management Plan or debt consolidation services.


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